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Once you know what makes you most valuable to others, you are more  authentic when you communicate.

You will feel more confident and are more likely to make a positive impression in all your relationships. 

Your Fascinate profile will reveal how you are uniquely fascinating to others.  

You will learn about your Advantages, and about which ones you naturally use the most (and the least) when you communicate.  

You will develop language and tools to improve your business marketing and communication, and receive downloadable files and videos to reference at your leisure. 

Your Fascinate profile includes:

  • Fascinate test
  • Your Fascination Archetype™ explained
  • Fascination Advantage® breakdown
  • One-minute coaching tips
  • Key phrases for your online profiles
  • How you compare to over one million professionals
  • Downloadable PDF of your report


  • Identify optimal roles for each team member
  • Predict who will work best together
  • Understand how each person manages his time
  • Recognize leadership qualities in high-performers


  • 3 visually striking, detailed online reference manuals with checklists, critical thinking exercises, practical suggestions.
  • Convenient access to training materials through a user-friendly online portal.
  • 45 Minutes of coaching with a Fascinate Certified Advisor™ to help you understand how to lead and support your team.

What’s included inside the Best Team Ever Kit?

Getting Started Guide

  • Our easy step-by-step guide to get you up and running.
  • Discussion guides to get the conversation started.
  • Simple instructions for the host or organizer.

Group Activities

  • Disengaged employees make more mistakes, take more sick days, quit sooner (or worse, stay in a job they dislike) build engagement and optimism.
  • Scenario games to get your team engaged.

Team Discussion Guide

  • Improve team communication and understand how each person contributes to your bottom line with this in-depth and colorful team engagement building exercises.

How to Read People

  • Effectively predict decisions, build connections, and influence the outcome of those around you.

Team Data Tool – Heat Map

  • Chart the results of each person’s Fascination Advantage® profile to see where your team excels and where you should improve communication diversity.


Once you can identify the distinct Advantages of each team member, you can ensure that everyone is performing at their highest and best.

The Leadership Bundle includes all of the coaching tools from Your High-Performing Team, so that you can provide feedback and guidance that is personalized to the specific Advantages of each team member.

Your team will also benefit from all the activities and games within the Best Team Ever™ kit to increase understanding, improve communication and boost performance on a daily basis.


It includes:

  • Best Team Ever Kit
  • Your High-Performing Team

FAQ's Topics

The assessment was originally 150 questions long. We realized, however, that many of those questions were unnecessary to get at the heart of someone’s unique traits. So after careful consideration, we cut out the “fluff” and boiled the questions down to their essence. Each question is carefully considered and weighted very specifically (and not every question is weighted the same). Take the assessment for yourself, and see if you feel it’s accurate to your personality. We know it will be.

This is not a test built on psychology; it’s built on branding. Just as a brand communicates to consumers, you communicate to listeners. Our algorithm measures how others are most likely to perceive you, based on the patterns of signals and cues that you communicate.

Fascination Profiles make the perfect gift for just about anyone. Recent graduates can use the profile to create standout resumes and cover letters. Business owners and entrepreneurs can use the profile to position themselves as distinctly valuable to clients. And of course, goal-oriented professionals can use the profile as a way to leverage what they are already doing right.

Sally Hogshead has led over 10 years of proprietary research on fascination, including the first-ever marketing research study specifically about how people and brands become more fascinating. This research involved experts in different fields of psychology, linguistics, biology, anthropology, and mathematics. The Fascination Personality Test consists of 28 powerful questions combined with a custom algorithm to accurately determine each person’s Personality Archetype. To read more about Sally’s studies and research click here.

The Fascination Personality Test helps you to discover the natural Advantages you possess, and know how to apply them. The Fascinate System will identify your unique combination of seven natural Advantages and teach you to leverage them to become more fascinating. An “Advantage” is a personality trait that when activated, sparks fascination in others. Unlike most personality tests, the Fascination Personality Test is based on branding rather than psychology.

This test is not built on psychology (as a traditional personality test). It’s based on branding– the response that we create in others. By measuring the signals that we send out, our research is able to predict how others will respond to those signals. Just as Coke and Apple can predict how consumers will respond to a message, this test is predicting how others will respond to your messages.

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The Fascination Advantage system can help your company to:

  • Attract customers and create sales
  • Make the best of a first impression
  • Recruit and retain talent for optimal business potential
  • Build and maintain relationships – with employees, clients and partners

Yes, you can save between 20% and 60% when you purchase multiple profiles in one order. Please contact us.

There are 2 ways to share the assessment–the method you’ve chosen will determine how you can access the profile.

Sharing an “invitation link” from your Fascination Advantage account

Your Fascination Advantage account is where you go to view your own test results. When you share your “invitation link” from inside your Fascination Advantage account, you are sharing a pre-purchased assessment. This means that you “own” the results. These results are automatically added to your account and can be accessed by following these steps:

1. Log in at

2. Click the “My Team Profiles” button

3. Find the yellow button that says “View Completed Reports” for the type of assessment you’ve shared (Full or Express)

4. Click the View Completed Reports button and download or view the report you’d like to see

Sharing your Affiliate (or “Tracking”) Link from the Referral Partner Center

When you share your Affiliate (or “tracking”) link, recipients must purchase the assessment themselves. A good rule of thumb to remember is, “She who purchases the assessment, gets the profile.” So when you share your Affiliate link, your recipient buys the assessment and gets the profile. In order to see the results, you’ll need to ask your recipient to share them with you as a downloaded or printed file.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because every situation and personality is unique. There are patterns though that we can begin to see. If you’d like to see how the Advantages correlate to level of seniority, gender and industry – read Part III of How the World Sees You. For a quick reference, you can take a look at our research page.

Your dormant Advantage isn’t an Advantage you don’t possess. It’s just the Advantage that is the most effortful for you to use. In our jobs and life, we can’t always avoid using our dormant – but we need to be aware that it is going to take an extra amount of work to pull off.

When each person on a team known their most valuable differences, everyone can see each other at their best. When this happens, communication improves and productivity increases. Many teams find that it’s motivating to learn each other’s natural Advantages. For a more in-depth look at the advantages, read How the World Sees You.

No. If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll appeal to no one (and you’ll probably be miserable chasing people who don’t “get” you). Don’t change yourself, just change the way you present it. Here’s an example: Sally Hogshead is The Catalyst (Passion + Innovation). She will always be a Catalyst and her Anthem is Fascinating Communication. When she has a keynote speech for clients who are different Advantages, she’ll offer the same fascinating communication but she will change what she wears, the information she highlights and how she talks. Tell people what you can offer them and why they need to pay attention to you.

You need to hone in on the specific Advantages that you deliver, and show them why you matter. You might have to go about this in a slightly different way though. If you can’t find your voice in the spotlight, do your research ahead of time. Lay out your points in a presentation or send them in an email to everyone involved. If you need to win over a group of people and you won’t have time to send out a memo, try to find a personality that could benefit you such as a Passion personality of a Power personality. Win them over to your side with your analytical thinking and ask them to help you convince everyone else. Every personality fascinates in a specific way. Find what you’re great at, and use it to your advantage.

While it’s true you are well-balanced, your primary and secondary Advantages are the ones that will give you the biggest win, while being the least effortful. You can certainly mix in your other Advantages, but if you try to appeal to everyone – you’ll end up appealing to no one. It’s ok to be specialized. The biggest lesson you should take away is to focus on your highest Advantages, and avoid having to use your dormant Advantage as much as possible. This will set you up for the biggest win.

The algorithm measures your Advantages to a tenth of a percent, and your report shows the whole, rounded percentage. Your primary and secondary Advantages are determined by your top two scoring qualities. When you have more than Advantages with the same score, it means that you can tap into that third Advantage as well.

Every Archetype fascinates in its own unique way. A Double Trouble is not an Archetype you can score as, but rather a situation you can slip in to. Double Troubles are when you “double up” on you primary Advantage because you are in a stressful situation. An example of a Double Trouble is The Old Guard (Trust + Trust).


To avoid Double Trouble mode, balance your personality out with your second highest Advantage, and try to avoid situations that require you to tap into your dormant Advantage. This will help you stay levelheaded and out of Double Trouble mode.

The Twin is the Archetype that most closely resembles your own. So if Sally Hogshead is The Catalyst (Passion + Innovation), her twin is The Rockstar (Innovation + Passion). Your Twin could be you on a different day, in a slightly different situation. When creating your Anthem you can pull adjectives from both your Archetype and your Twin. For a detailed explanation of both Archetypes and how they fascinate differently, read Part II of How the World Sees You. If you would just like to see the different adjectives associated with your Twin, look them up on the Archetype Matrix.

Your Fascinate profile is the most comprehensive look at how the world sees YOU at your best!
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