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Discover what makes you most valuable to others, you are more authentic when you communicate.

Feel more confident and ready to make a positive impression in all your relationships. 

Reveal your uniquely fascinating self with your Fascinate® Profile. Learn about your Advantages and understand which ones you instinctively use the most (and the least) when you communicate.  

Develop a language style and tools to enhance your business marketing and communication. Receive downloadable files and videos to analyze on your own time. 


Your Fascinate profile includes:

  • Fascinate test
  • Your Fascination Archetype™ explained
  • Fascination Advantage® breakdown
  • One-minute coaching tips
  • Key phrases for your online profiles
  • How you compare to over one million professionals
  • Downloadable PDF of your report


  • Identify the perfect role for each team member
  • Understand each member’s time management
  • Pinpoint leadership qualities in high-performers
  • Foresee who will be the best teammates
  • Build your perfect team


  • 3 engaging online reference manuals which are visually striking and contain checklists, critical thinking exercises, and practical suggestions.
  • 45 Minutes of coaching with a Fascinate Certified Advisor™ to help you lead, organize, and strengthen your team.
  • Training materials through a quick and user-friendly online portal.

What is included with the Best Team Ever Kit?

Getting Started Guide

  • The step-by-step guide to insure you hit the ground running.
  • Discussion guides that get the conversation started.
  • Simple instructions for the team lead or organizer.

Group Activities

  • Scenario games to get your team engaged, optimistic, and productive.
  • Because disengaged employees make more mistakes, take more sick days, quit sooner (or worse, stay in a job they dislike) 

Team Discussion Guide

  • Colorful team building exercises to engage and improve communication and show how each person contributes to your bottom line.

How to Read People

  • Instructions on how to effectively forecast decisions and influence their outcome while building connections with those around you.

Team Data Tool – Heat Map

  • Chart the results of each person’s Fascination Advantage® Profile to see your team’s strengths and where your communication diversity can improve.


Identifying the distinct Advantages of each team member ensures that all are performing at peak efficiency.

The Leadership Bundle includes all the coaching tools from Your High-Performing Team. You can provide feedback and guidance that is calibrated to the specific Advantages of each team member.

Best Team Ever Kit is also included. Your team benefits from all the activities and games which will result in increased understanding, improved communication, and boosted performance each day.



  • Best Team Ever Kit
  • Your High-Performing Team

FAQ's Topics

The assessment was originally 150 questions long. After a careful analysis, we found that certain questions were more direct at getting to the core of someone’s unique traits. We focused and refined these key questions and cut out the “fluff.” Now, each question truly gets to the essence and meaning that we need to make an accurate assessment. The questions are rigorously designed and individually weighted. Take the assessment for yourself, you will truly find it accurate to your personality.

Our test is not a psychology test. As a brand tries to communicate directly to the consumer, this self-test helps you to build your own brand, to communicate directly with those listening to you. Using our algorithm, we can see what communication patterns you use, what signals you give, and get a complete picture of how others see you.

A Fascinate® Profile is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to succeed. And everyone wants to succeed. Recent graduates can use their profile to create remarkable resumes and cover letters. Business owners and entrepreneurs can use their profile to establish themselves as distinctly valuable to clients. Goal-oriented professionals can use their profile to accentuate their strengths to their advantage. That is true success.

Sally Hogshead has led over 10 years of proprietary research on fascination. Her research includes the groundbreaking marketing research study designed to understand how people and brands can optimize their ability to fascinate their audience. This research involved experts in different fields of psychology, linguistics, biology, anthropology, and mathematics. The Fascination Personality Test is comprised of 28 insightful questions combined with a custom algorithm to accurately determine each person’s Personality Archetype. To read more about Sally’s studies and research click here.

The Fascinate® System helps you to uncover your natural Advantages and reveal how to implement them. An “Advantage” is a personality trait that when activated, sparks fascination in others. The Fascinate® System identifies your extraordinary combination of seven natural Advantages and trains you to capitalize on them to be more fascinating. The Fascinate® System is based on branding rather than psychology, contrary to most personality tests.

The Fascinate® System is not formulated using psychology as are traditional personality tests.  As a brand tries to communicate directly to the consumer, our test helps you to build your own brand, to communicate directly with those listening to you. 

By observing the signals that we send out, our algorithm forecasts how others will respond to those signals. Just as brands like Coke and Apple can predict how consumers will respond to a message, our test predicts how others will respond to your signals.

Fascination Advantages® are what make you unique and valuable. They are your natural superpowers. Using your Advantages while communicating increases your influence, persuasiveness, and success. Show the world your best YOU!

The Fascinate® Test was formulated by Sally Hogshead, a New York Times best-selling author and world-class branding expert. Sally developed the Fascinate® System after working as a copywriter and creative director for some of the world’s most successful brands, including Nike, Coca-Cola, Mini-Cooper, and Godiva.

The Fascination Advantage® System can benefit your company by:

  • Making the best of a first impression
  • Attracting customers and create sales
  • Recruiting and retaining talent for optimal business potential
  • Building and maintaining relationships – with employees, clients, and partners


Yes, you can save between 20% and 60% when you purchase multiple profiles in one order. Please contact us.

There are 2 ways to share the Assessment. The method you have chosen will determine the way you can access the profile.

METHOD 1: Sharing an “invitation link” from your Fascination Advantage® Account.

Your Fascination Advantage® Account is where you can view your own test results. When you share your “invitation link” from inside your Fascination Advantage® Account, you are sharing a pre-purchased assessment. This means that you “own” the results. These results are automatically added to your account and can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Scroll down and click the “Team Profiles” button
  3. Locate and click the button: “View Completed Reports”
  4. Select the “Download” or “View” option for the desired profile report. 


METHOD 2: Sharing your Affiliate or “Tracking” link from the Referral Partner Center.

When you share your Affiliate or “Tracking” link, the recipient must purchase the assessment themselves and they receive the profile. The one who purchases the assessment has the rights to share the report. To view the report, the recipient must download or print the file and share it with you.

Every situation and personality are unique. There is not only one career option per Archetype or Advantage. However, there are correlations between certain Advantages and different levels of seniority, gender, and industry.  To find out more, read Part III of How the World Sees You®. For a brief review, please visit our research page.

Your dormant Advantage is an Advantage you possess. Yet, it requires more effort to master it. While we try to use our dominate Advantage most of the time, when we need to use our dormant Advantage in our lives or careers, more energy will be required.

Each person on the team will realize their most valuable assets and see each other at their best. When this happens, communication improves and productivity increases. Your team will learn each other’s natural Advantages and how they work best together. For a more in-depth look at the advantages, read How the World Sees You®.

No. You do not need to change yourself, just tweak your approach. Focusing on your Advantages makes you more fascinating, while changing to mirror their Advantages will diminish your impact. Show your audience what you can offer and why they should pay attention to you. For instance: Sally Hogshead is The Catalyst (Passion + Innovation). She will always be a Catalyst and her Anthem is Fascinating Communication. When she speaking to clients who have different Advantages, she presents the same fascinating communication. However, she adjusts what she wears, the information she highlights and how she talks to that audience.

Sharpen the specific Advantages that you deliver to show them why they should listen to you. Creativity will be needed to find your voice in the spotlight. Do research ahead of time. Present your points in a presentation or send them in an email to win them over. When you need to motivate a group of people and there is not time for an email, recruit a personality that complements you. For instance, a Passion personality or a Power personality. Use your analytical thinking to persuade them to be your advocate. Each personality fascinates in a distinct way. Discover your strength and use it to your advantage.

This means that you are well-balance. Primary and secondary Advantages produce the best results with the least effort. Specialization is key. Highlight your highest Advantage instead of your dormant Advantage to maximize effort. This will set you up for the biggest win. Be careful about mixing Advantages because if you try to appeal to everyone, you will end up appealing to no one.

The algorithm measures your Advantages to a tenth of a percent, and your report shows a rounded percentage. Primary and secondary Advantages are the product of the top two scoring qualities. When there is more than one Advantage with the same score, a third Advantage can be utilized to your benefit.

Each Archetype fascinates in a unique way. A Double Trouble is not an Archetype, but rather a situation where you “double up” on you primary Advantage. This could be because you are in a stressful situation. For instance: The Old Guard (Trust + Trust). To avoid a Double Trouble, use your second highest Advantage to balance your personality out, instead of taping into your dormant Advantage. This insures you stay levelheaded and out of Double Trouble mode.

The Twin is the Archetype that most closely resembles your own. Your Twin could be you at a different time or in a slightly different situation. For instance: Sally Hogshead is The Catalyst (Passion + Innovation), her twin is The Rockstar (Innovation + Passion). Your Anthem can be created using adjectives from both your Archetype and your Twin. To see the different adjectives associated with your Twin, look them up on the Archetype Matrix. Read Part II of How the World Sees You® for a detailed explanation of both Archetypes and how they fascinate differently.

Your Fascinate profile is the most thorough perspective at how the world sees YOU at your best!
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