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Why should you get 10 reports for your team?

  1. Get a discount for buying in bulk
  2. Most comprehensive view of your team
  3. Discover what makes your Team UNIQUE
  4. A customized report for each team member
  5. Access to your team’s results via your team Lead Dashboard
  6. Fundamental data on your team’s primary Advantages
  7. Precise language to use in your meetings 
  8. Get targeted coaching videos
  9. An outline of each individual’s blind spots and danger zones, to protect your brand from damage

Get 10 personalized Reports

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What is the fascinate test?

Other tests diagnose. We inspire.
Other tests give you a psychological evaluation. We give you tools to impress and influence. We combine proprietary Kelton Research Study results with data from over one million professionals to reveal who you are at your highest and best, and to show you why different is better than better.

How do you take your test?

Select below which option you prefer. Answer a 28 questions quiz. Receive your personalized profile.

I need less tests. What should I do?

The bulk discount is only available if you get at least 10 reports.

You can get the all 10 reports, because sooner or later your team will change and you will need them.

If you still want to only get the reports you need, please contact us, using our form or social media. We will be happy to help you!

What's included in the Report?

  • A detailed report on how you can leverage your unique traits to captivate the attention of customers, prospects, employers and team members.

  • Instant Impressions, which provides them with the precise phrasing to use when introducing themselves or in company bios or proposals.

  • Targeted coaching video modules that give you the exact words and phrases to position yourself in any competitive, crowded market.

  • An outline of your blind spots and danger zones, to protect your brand from damage.

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