Score Your Level of Influence

Your level of influence as a professional will be measured by your ability to get others to listen and take action.

Your level of influence can be measured. And, it can be improved.

If you’re fascinating, you’re likely to wield greater influence.

If you’re not fascinating … well, you’re more likely to be forgotten. This is especially true in distracted environments. (And in this age of virtual communication, we’re all operating in distracted environments.)

In a distracted environment, the most fascinating option always wins. Always.

Are you building an influential personal brand? How effectively are you applying your natural personality Advantages?

Let’s find out.


The following 5 questions will measure your level of influence, and how strongly your personal brand is shaping opinions, actions, and results.

For each of the following questions, rate yourself on a scale of 1 – 4, with 1 being not me” and 4 being “totally me.”

1. Do people make a real effort to connect with you?
Do others go out of their way to connect with you–at in-person events, on social media or via email?
Score ____

2. Are people talking about your ideas and opinions? 
Are people interested in what you’re thinking and doing? Do people comment on and share your ideas?
Score ____

3. When you give direction, do people consistently take action? 
Do your words, recommendations and advice consistently prompt clear action?
Score ____

4. Do you know how to affect the decisions of others?
Can you shape how people think and act? How persuasive would you say you are?
Score ____

5. Do people imitate your behavior, ideas, or technique?
Imitation isn’t just flattery– It’s a signal that you’re setting a standard of some sort. Are you doing anything worth copying?
Score ____

Now…tally your score.

If your score is 20 – 17: Great. Your personal brand is getting results. Keep reviewing your key traits to be consistently captivating.

If your score is 16 – 13: In certain situations, you’re making a difference. In other situations, you’re unnoticed, or even forgotten.

If you score 13 or below: Your personal brand is not as influential as you could be. People aren’t focusing on you and your message. And to make matters worse, they aren’t taking action. You can change this. You can build a more persuasive personal brand.

Once you know what makes you naturally persuasive to others, you can focus on these traits, and apply them to stand out and be remembered. (Want to find out which qualities make you naturally persuasive? Take the Fascinate test and find out. It only takes five minutes.)

What was your overall score? Which of these 5 criteria was your top area of influence?

Blog originally written by Sally Hogshead on How To Fascinate with link to the orginal post.

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