Identification of the parties

What Is Your Profile, from now on referred to as What Is Your Profile or WIYP, uses different communication channels such as whatisyourprofile.com, facebook.com/whatisyourprofile, Instagram.com/whatisyourprofile, linkedin.com/WIYP/whatisyourprofile 

The customer/user is the one who requests information about What Is Your Profile services/products, via the different available channels, and may or may not purchase any of these same services/products, or purchases WIYP service/products, from now on referred to as user.

If the user is redirected to one of our partner’s websites, the Privacy Policy Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions of that partner apply. What Is Your Profile is not responsible for those Policies and Terms and Conditions.


Payment & Refund Conditions

  • When a user decides to acquire a product (digital or other), it’s acknowledging that he had access to all the needed information to make a decision regarding the service/product and applicable conditions and policies and that he accepts those.

  • Access to any product/training is only available after payment. Availability of a product could take a maximum of 72h, excluding holidays and weekends.

  • Before WIYP makes the service/product available, the user can request a refund by sending an email to info@whatisyourprofile.com. Making a service/product available includes making it available partially. This includes, but is not limited to, for example, making the assessment questionnaire available. 

  • After the user has access to any part of the service/product, even if partially, refunds are not available. 

  • As the assessments or training, and most of WIYP services/products are intellectual property, the purchase of it does not give the user the right to request a refund, reimbursement, or a return of the amounts settled. Since the user who receives the training, after receiving it, even if partially, cannot go back to the initial state, i.e., without the training.



Services and Products 

  • If the information request and/or training is made by a person other than the intended final user or service/product beneficiary, WIYP assumes that all information has been conveyed correctly and in detail by that person to the user. If it is not, WIYP will not be liable. 

  • If anything happens that makes it impossible for the user to conclude a training, WIYP will not be held accountable and no refund or repetition, or additional access is granted.

  • The services/products may include online training, classroom training, or one on one training. when referring to training programs, this includes also training sessions, modules or units, and any linked support material or information. 

  • The training can be made available via an online learning platform and/or video conferencing tools. All information regarding the specifics of the training is mentioned in the service/product information sheet (if available). In any case, it’s the user’s responsibility to obtain any information he finds necessary, this includes, but is not limited to, the scope, cost, length of each training, and, if applicable, for how long the online training is available.




  • If an online training includes a physical product, once that product is shipped, no refunds are possible or available.

  • When physical products are shipped, WIYP is not responsible for, nor assumes the associated costs, for incomplete addresses, returns, and re-shipment due to impossible delivery or lack of collection by the trainee, last-minute changes not communicated in writing to WIYP in time (2 days before the shipment), retention in customs or customs processes, or strikes or other events that affect the transport companies or postal service. WIYP also assumes no responsibility for breakages associated with poor handling, as the order is properly packaged, and any breakage that may occur is evidence of poor handling by the local courier or transport services.



  • By accepting these conditions, the user also confirms that they have received all general information about the training(s), about the syllabus, the enrollment process, length and training availability, limits, and how to access it, the physical products (if applicable), if applicable, criteria for evaluation, as well the user rights and duties as a trainee, without the need for any further clarification. In any case, WIYP is fully available to provide the needed information.

  • If the request for information and/or application is made by a person other than the trainee, WIYP assumes that all information has been transmitted correctly and in detail by that person to the trainee. If they are not, the burden cannot be attributed to WIYP.

  • If the user wants an invoice with the taxpayer number (VAT number), the user needs to request it to the email info@whatisyourprofile.com right after payment and within a maximum period of 1 working day. The e-mail must contain all the information so that we can track the order. If the taxpayer number indicated in this email is not correct, or if it’s not requested, WIYP will issue a simplified invoice, without a taxpayer number.

  • By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the user indicates that the end-user of WIYP services/products is not a minor, according to the legislation of the country of residence/citizenship.

  • By using the Site, the user agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and to use the Site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, our Privacy and Cookies Policy, and any additional terms and conditions that may apply to specific sections of the Site or to products and services available through the Site or from WIYP. Accessing the Site, in any manner, whether automated or otherwise, constitutes use of the Site and your agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  • We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions or to impose new conditions on the use of the Site, from time to time, in which case we will post the revised Terms and Conditions on this website. By continuing to use the Site after we post any such changes, you accept the Terms and Conditions, as modified.

  • The user of our website consents that their personal data collected by WIYP before, during, and after the training, may be used for the purposes stipulated in the WIYP’s Privacy Policy, for the purposes of management and access to training and marketing purposes. This data may include name, email, telephone, and other related information provided by the user to access WIYP services/products.

  • Even if the purchase is done through another platform, social network or other, these Terms and Conditions here stated and available in the What is Your Profile website apply.

  • Regardless of the service/product that the user purchases, some conditions are transversal, namely:


  • WIYP is a brand that covers training services and products, managed by Sonia Carvalho and Emanuel Luis, with the Vat nr. PT209880422 and PT220235660, based in R. Stº Amaro, 5, 2500-640 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, and the means of contact are those available in the contact section.

  • The website is prepared to calculate any additional charges that may be applicable according to the WIYP’s terms and conditions (e.g. processing fees due to credit card or other payments, shipping costs depending on the destination). However, for reasons beyond the control of WIYP (e.g. computer failure, lack of information on the part of the user of the exact final destination, customs legislation in the country of destination or other reasons), it may not be possible to determine all additional charges. As far as WIYP is concerned, WIYP will notify the user of any and all charges that WIYP is aware of and the services/products purchased will only be made available to the user after the settlement of those costs.

  • WIYP will not take responsibility for additional charges that it is not aware of or that cannot reasonably be calculated before the conclusion of the contract/shipment/access to the products/services, namely any customs fees (which vary according to the tax laws of each destination), processing fees associated with the means of payment chosen by the user (eg payment in a foreign currency, user’s bank account that imposes costs on the user through the means of payment), etc. WIYP will try to be as transparent as possible, but due to different variables, it may sometimes not be reasonably within WIYP’s scope to present all additional charges that depend on third parties not contracted/defined by WIYP.

  • Excluding the reasons mentioned above where the user does not have the right to a refund, reimbursement or return, and if the user has the right of free termination of the contract, the terms and procedure are indicated in the conditions detailed on the website and these terms and conditions. To exercise this right in Portugal, the user can use the free resolution form contained in part B of the annex to Law Decree No. 24/2014 of 14 February. Part of the procedure always requires contacting WIYP through the contacts provided on the website in order to determine the situation and the most effective way to resolve it. Regardless of the form of contact, and in the best interests of both parties, it will be necessary to put in writing, via email or registered letter, the situation in question.

  • Return of goods: In cases where the user has the right to terminate the contract and it is necessary to return goods, the user is responsible for bearing all costs associated with returning the goods, including any customs fees applied by the country of destination, or others, which, due to their nature, it is not possible to inform the user, but which, if they exist, WIYP must prove that these costs exist. In these situations, communication between the parties must always be in writing, and only after these costs have been paid by the user, WIYP is able to continue the right of free termination of contract requested by the user. Whenever possible and if WIYP knows what these costs are, WIYP must inform the user. If the user claims that the products were not used and later, for example when WIYP receives the goods returned, WIYP confirms that it is not in its original condition or that the product has been used, but even so WIYP determines that the user retains the right of free termination of the contract), WIYP may apply an amount to be determined, proportional to the service already provided and/or consumed/used product.

  • In the case of online training, classroom training, or one on one training, WIYP is not responsible for the variable conditions of internet availability at the location that the user chooses to access the digital content, as well as the conditions of the equipment that the user decides to use to access the content. Due to the increasing variations of the characteristics of equipment available in the market, it is not possible to define here all the minimum criteria to be able to access digital content, since equipment may have the necessary speed and memory characteristics, but these are absorbed by other applications/uses of the equipment, considering that most equipment is no longer restarted as frequently as before. Thus, as there is no way of knowing the internet available to access digital content at a specific user location, as well as the equipment that the user decides to use for this purpose, here are the minimum characteristics that must be met: Internet access with a minimum download speed of 50 MB, computer, tablet or mobile phone with a browser installed, preferably Google Chrome. The device and available internet must offer the ability to view videos via streaming, e.g. via Youtube.

  • In case of need, the consumer may resort to the CNIACC – National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts, at Rua D. Afonso Henriques, 1, 4700-030 Braga, tel. 253 619 107, e-mail: geral@cniacc.pt, https://www.cniacc.pt/pt/